How I get free stuff all the time... I've been seeing giveaway #2 all over!

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If you have not yet noticed, online retail is booming. New stores are excited to get your clicks on their website, but nowadays everyone is reluctant to click on ads. If you are like me, you have the adblocker extension on Google Chrome. (Yes its a real thing, yes it is exactly what it sounds like, yes it works amazing, check it out!)

We as owners of stores, yes myself included, have resorted to giving away our products for free! We are doing this just so you will come look at what we have to offer. The hope is that you will buy something else while you are there, but there is nothing stopping you from taking the free goods and running.

Okay so there is just one small catch. Most stores are going to charge you shipping and handling, which in the long run isn't really a big deal. If you consider the time it takes out of your busy schedule to pick something up then most people would rather just pay the shipping then going to the store. I mean you have to stop your busy schedule, get in you car, deal with an annoying salesperson at the store, drive home and on top of that pay the gas to get their. If you are like me, I never go to the store anymore, I just buy online and wait a few days for it to show up. it might cost something in shipping, but remember that one hour of your time is worth atleast $8, considering minimum wage laws.


Here is a list of stores that are offering free stuff.


1. ManAxe Company, AKA yours truly

Right now we are offering a free ManAxe watch. It uses japanese movement, meaning we didnt go cheap and the watch will actually keep time. It has a leather band and an elegant design that your friends will surely mistaken for an expensive watch. Visit our store for details.

2. Free Fidget Spinners

Its the fidget that is sweeping the nation. These guys don't even require shipping and handling. All they want is to get the word out there, and its been working. Like I said, I have seen this all over the web and I've even started seeing some stuff in person. Get a free fidget by liking their page and sharing it to your own.

3. Solesteals Shoes

Is anyone else confused about why Yeezy's are so cool? Me too. But look, if you ever wear shoes (I'm guessing you do) then you could benefit from this page. They are known to offer a free pair every now and then, and its not a contest. Legitimately free shoes but they are given away in limited quantities, so give them a follow!

Image courtesey of solesteals

4. Ashybaby87 Assorted Goods

Ashybaby87 has been giving away lots of free stuff if you just pay shipping. Taking a quick look I saw her give away essential oils, a flashlight, and as mens socks as featured below. If you follow her page, I am sure you will run across some more giveaways.

Image courtesey of ashybaby87


Okay so if the title didn't tip you off, this guys entire business is giving away stuff for free just so long as you pay shipping. He has a wide variety of items as well, and it looks like a ton of manly stuff!


6. Reichtumwatches

Right now these guys are giving away a beautiful titanium ring. Their website even says that they dont require shipping. Go ahead and check them out. They have some beautiful watches on their website as well.

Photo courtesey of Reichtum Watches.

I'm pretty sure reichtum means luxury in German. Sounds good right?

In any case, if you're like me, you're a free loader. Visit any of these pages to take advantage of their free offers! And remember, most of these sites just have flat rate shipping, so if you buy something else then you truly are getting the items for free!


Brought to you by ManAxe.

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